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10 July 2006 @ 10:53 pm
Open spot for Commander Adama.  
Dear everyone,

Unfortunately, adama_bsg_75 is no longer playing at Action Stations. This has been a difficult situation to deal with. Out of respect and to keep chatter to a minimum, please ping me on AIM for any concerns this may cause your character. I'll answer any questions there.

We've lost a good player and I promise I'm busting my ass to find a new Adama. I could use the help though, so if you know anyone who's interested (or if you yourself would like to temp/apply, please let me know).

The game will move forward. I'm temping the Commander to tie up loose ends with the Gideon. Unless you request otherwise (personal interactions, whatever you need), he'll be used strictly to advance plot. I fully intend on finding another worthy writer who can take on the mantle. Lords know, I damn well am not fit to command the game in his capacity. I promise I have no desire to hoard his character. I love our little game too much to abuse it like that.

If anyone requests personal time with Adama, I'd be happy to oblige to my utmost abilities. Just bear in mind that there are better writers for him out there and I'm looking around. Meanwhile, I could use a brave soul from this game to step up and temp Saul (sign up here).

Your...hell, your everything is appreciated right now. Good hunting, everyone.